October 16

Don’t Let “Founder’s Syndrome” Impede Your Succession Plan

    Are you the founder of your company? If so, congratulations — you’ve created something truly amazing! And it’s more than understandable that you’d want to protect your legacy: the company you created.   But, as time goes on, it becomes increasingly important that you give serious thought to a succession plan. When this.

October 9

How Profitable Are Your Customers?

    “We love our customers!” Every business owner says it. But all customers aren’t created equal, and it’s in your strategic interest to know which customers are really strengthening your bottom line and by how much. Sorting out the data   If your business systems track individual customer purchases, and your accounting system has.

October 2

5 Ways to Dance Through Digital Disruption

    You’ve probably heard the term and wondered whether it could happen to your company. Maybe it already has. We’re referring to “digital disruption” — when new technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services.   Perhaps the most notorious recent example of this is the rise of ride-sharing.

September 25

Ensuring a Peaceful Succession With a Buy-Sell Agreement

    A buy-sell agreement is a critical component of succession planning for many businesses. It sets the terms and conditions under which an owner’s business interest can be sold to another owner (or owners) should an unexpected tragedy or turn of events occurs. It also establishes the method for determining the price of the.

September 11

Back-to-School Marketing Ideas for Savvy Business Owners

  It is back-to-school time across the country. Whether the school buses are already rumbling down your block, or will be soon, the start of the school year brings marketing opportunities for savvy business owners. Here are some examples of ways companies can promote themselves. A virtual “brag book”   A creative agency posts on.

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