January 15

Find the Right Path Forward with KPIs

    From the baseball field to the boardroom, statistical analysis has changed various industries nationwide. With proper preparation and guidance, business owners can have at their fingertips a wealth of stats-based insight into how their companies are performing — far beyond the bottom line on an income statement.   The metrics in question are.

January 10

7 Steps to Choosing a Successor for your Family Business

    There’s an old saying regarding family businesses: “Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.” It means the first-generation owner started in shirtsleeves and built the company up from nothing but, by the third generation, the would-be owner is back in shirtsleeves with nothing because the business failed or was sold.   Although you can’t.

December 29

How AI (Artificial Intelligence) Can Help Your Business

    The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution isn’t coming — it’s here. While AI’s potential for your company might not seem immediately obvious, this technology is capable of helping businesses of all shapes and sizes “get smart.”   AI generally refers to the use of computer systems to perform tasks commonly thought to require human.

December 27

4 Tips on Making Your Marketing Emails a Blast

    No business owner wants to send out spam. Even the term “email blast,” the practice of launching a flurry of targeted messages at customers and prospects, has mixed connotations these days.   Yet email remains a viable and even necessary communications channel. Here are four tips on making your marketing emails a blast.

December 20

Fortifying Your Business With Enterprise Risk Management

    Hundreds of years ago, prosperous towns managed the various risks of foreign invaders, thieves and wild animals by fortifying their entire communities with walls and towers. Today’s business owners can take a similar approach with enterprise risk management (ERM). Assessing threats   In short, enterprise risk management is an integrated, companywide system of.

December 18

Make New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Profitability

    Many people scoff at New Year’s resolutions. It’s no mystery why — these self-directed promises to visit the gym regularly or read a book a month tend to quickly fade once the unavoidable busyness of life sets in.   But, for business owners, the phrase “New Year’s resolutions” is just a different way.

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